Important ASL Recovery Facts

  1. To fund a one-hour AA meeting with one ASL interpreter, it can cost more than $3,400 per year.*
  2. The only inpatient treatment center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) in the nation is located in the Twin Cities. Although the numbers vary throughout the year, our fellowship helps to serve many seeking recovery.
  3. Some in the DHH community choose to relocate to the Twin Cities hoping they will have better access to AA recovery in our metro area then they might at home.
  4. The ASL Committee is working directly with the DHH in recovery to determine what best suits their needs.
  5. Of the handful of AA meetings in the Metro area with ASL interpretation, only two are located in District 8 (St. Paul) and most are located throughout the Twin Cities making transportation an issue. Please see our ASL MEETINGS page for more information.
  6. The majority of the meetings with ASL Interpretation are speaker meetings.
  7. Relapse rates are generally higher in the DHH community than the general AA population with a lack of access to an equal recovery system cited as one of the possible causes.**

The ASL Committee is here to help you enhance access to AA for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community of the Greater Twin City Area.

Please send ASL Contribution amounts directly to: ASL Fund, P.O. Box 131831, Roseville, MN 55113-0020

~~Personal contributions to the ASL Fund from AA members are also gratefully accepted.~~

*AA of District 8 has a special reduced ASL Interpretation rate. This annual fee is well below usual fees and can vary.  **Factors Affecting Sobriety After Treatment: An Outcome Study, Debra Guthmann, Ed.D.



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